Propecia: Men's Hairstyle Trends

If you suffer from baldness or thinning hair, you may try to hide it with some unfashionable hairstyles. Some options actually make the hair loss even more noticeable. Instead, here are some better options to make you look good even if you are losing your hair.

Au Naturel

Okay, so "bald" isn't technically a hairstyle, but bald can be beautiful. If you know you are headed in that direction, embrace it. Get out the razor and take it all off. As some of the famous celebrities have shown, the bald look can be hot.

Keep It Loose

Instead of using all kinds of hair products to hold everything in place, let your hair stay loose and have movement. Leave it about an inch long all over to hide thinning hair at the temples. Don't let it get too long to try to hide the thin spots, just allow your hair to have natural motion.

Buzz Cut

Cutting your hair super short all over actually makes the bald spots less noticeable. Choose a cut short enough that you can see the scalp peeking through the hair and it will even out the other areas.

The Caesar

Named after Julius Caesar, this is a cut that is still in style no matter what other trends are out. The Caesar is perfect for hair that is receding in the front. Just leave the front a little longer and comb forward. Think George Clooney.

Keep Hair Longer

If your hair is thinning but you still have plenty to work with, a cut that is a little longer works well by hiding the bald spots and making it look like you still have a full head of hair. The key with this hairstyle is that you don't want to do a comb-over. The hair should have movement and not be plastered down.

When Your Hair Is Thinning

These styles help you deal with thinning hair, but what if you want to reverse the hair loss? Your only option is to talk to your doctor about possible treatments. He may recommend that you try generic Propecia. This is a medication that has been proven to be effective in treating many cases of hair loss. To order Propecia online with a prescription, check out price comparison sites like "Hair-Lovely-Hair" and find the lowest prices.

Even if you buy Propecia and have been taking it daily, it won't cure your baldness. Propecia only works for as long as you take the medication. If you decide to stop taking your regular dosage, you will most likely notice your hair is thinning again. Propecia works for many men and they are quite content to continue taking their medication regularly and enjoying the head of hair they thought was gone forever.

You can either deal with hair loss and find the best hairstyle to suit your style, or you can try a treatment to reverse the process. In the end, it is about finding what works for you and makes you feel good when you look in the mirror.


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