Buy Propecia Online Safely with These Pharmacy Tips

Today the Internet is used to purchase many things from groceries, clothing, plane tickets, and even vehicles. So why not purchase your prescription medications online, like brand name or generic Propecia? You may be wondering if it is even safe or legal to do so. You can rest assured that when you buy Propecia online, it is legal and it can be safe as long as you take a few precautionary steps to help insure that you are getting exactly what you are prescribed.

Shopping Local Online

There is a difference in shopping from a known chain pharmacy that has an actual retail store and a website for online purchases than from pharmacies that are strictly Internet-based or mail order only. Major chains or your local pharmacy's website may have options of refilling or submitting prescription medications for pickup or delivery to your home. They may offer rewards programs and discounts to use in the store or for online purchases for extra savings.

Mail Order Only

Shopping from an online pharmacy that is mail order only can also be a safe, legal, and cost effective way to order your prescription medications. There are also many fake pharmacies that claim to be legit but are really just after your money. Beware of websites that offer:

• No prescription needed (this is ILLEGAL)

• The medications come from an unknown origin

• They have no contact or address information

• They don't have a privacy policy or offer a secure way to do financial transactions

• They sell drugs that are illegal

• They sell medications at dirt cheap prices that are way below the competition

Any of these things should send you a red flag and it is probably best to look for another pharmacy. Instead, use a comparison site like "Hair-Lovely-Hair" to compare different sites when you want to order Propecia online.

To ensure that you are ordering your prescription medications from a trustworthy and safe online pharmacy when you look for cheap Propecia, make sure they:

• Ask for a signed prescription written from your doctor

• Want to know your medical information and health history

• They are a valid state-licensed pharmacy located in the US

• Have the VIPPS seal on their website from the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy that shows the pharmacy is verified

• Have a valid phone number and address

• Have available a licensed pharmacist to speak to

• Guarantee patient privacy and confidentiality

• Have excellent customer reviews

Anytime you are getting new medications, it is always a good idea to know your medicine and know exactly what you are getting by talking to your healthcare professional or pharmacist about any special steps you need to take to in order to get your prescription filled correctly. Always:

• Make sure your name, contact information, doctor's name, and medication and dosing information are written correctly

• Check the physical appearance of the medication

• Make sure the pills smell and taste the same every time you take them

• Let your doctor or pharmacist know if anything is different

Follow these steps to feel safe when you buy Propecia from an online pharmacy.


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