Propecia: How to Look 10 Years Younger

You see the competition: For your job, for the ladies' attention. They always seem to look and act younger. You unconsciously reach and touch your head, and feel the bald spot or receding hairline. You know it makes you look older.

Could women think you are too old to be interesting? Do employers wonder if you have what it takes in today's world? Wait! You're not a relic from the past. So, how can you look younger and get the attention of those who pass you by for dates or job promotions?

Start with the Hair

In many cases, having a receding hairline or a bald spot makes you look older, just like gray hair does. While the gray hair is easy to fix with a little permanent hair coloring, fixing the hair loss is not so easy. You could wear a wig, but you prefer a more natural-looking solution. You need to see your doctor and ask him if you should buy Propecia for your baldness. Many times, brand name or generic Propecia stops the hair loss and can even cause new regrowth to come in. You do have to take it daily and if you stop taking your regular dosage, your hair results could reverse themselves. However, it is easy to order Propecia online and always have it on hand to take daily. Just visit "Hair-Lovely-Hair" to find the best prices for the medication.


Once you have your hair issues under control, it's time to work on the body. This one isn't easy, but it makes a big difference. Losing weight and getting in shape will do wonders for your health and the age you look and feel. Weight loss is the most important goal, but you also want to build muscle. This gives the illusion of having a younger body.

The Dress

It's easy to get too laid-back and comfortable with what you wear over time. You no longer look stylish but dated. Unless you know how to carry off the distinguished look of an older man or the hip vibe of a young twentysomething, you should find clothes that suit your age and style.

Take pride in your appearance and choose colors and styles that fit your body and personality. Find outfits that give you self-confidence. Men who are more self-confident often appear younger. It's a good idea to take someone with you when you go shopping. A female friend is first choice since she probably knows what most women like. A guy who has a style you like would be the other option. Either person can give you pointers and tips, but in the end it is about what feels good to you.

From hair treatment products like Propecia to a new wardrobe, the right changes can make you look ten years younger, along with giving you confidence and making you feel good. Whether you want to get the job or the girl, it's all about the way you present yourself.


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